Stage 1 : Follow the Master

May the Source Be My Force

Since you respect and follow the words of those who have disharmony in their thought, word, and deed, you tend to forget your Swami, your true Self. This situation is of your own making. Follow your conscience. I never force anybody to do anything. What is the reason? The reason is that one has to follow the dictates of one’s source, conscience. Force connotes external imposition. Source relates to the Atma, which is verily love.”

 “True spirituality lies in knowing your true Self. But you are unable to know your true Self as you identify yourself with the body. Identification with the body gives rise to ego. One with ego cannot know the reality. Your welfare and also of others will be ensured when you have a firm conviction that all are one. Develop such a spirit of unity. You cannot expect divinity to manifest in you unless you cultivate such unity. The Veda has exhorted:

Let us all move together, let us all grow together,

Let us all stay united and share our knowledge,

Let us live together with friendship and harmony. (Telugu poem)

Some students do not share even their textbooks with others. How can they attain happiness if they are so self-centred and narrow-minded? You should all stand united. Where there is unity, there is bliss.”

Sadhana Options:

Performing daily Meditation for 15 minutes every morning.

Objective: To silence the confusion and noise of worldly thoughts and increase the power of the voice of conscience.

Recommendations: Light meditation as prescribed by Swami in the mornings before sunrise.

Tracking: Update the Sadhana tracker daily and reflect on how meditation has progressively helped you improve your quality of life. These reflections can be insights in your personal self-transformation diary.

Select a mentor and have daily conversation on Sai teachings and best practices in the path of spirituality.

Objective: To experience the divinity through a mentor, is to actualize Swami’s message of Unity, Purity, Divinity. In togetherness and Satsangh, we are able to tap into and strengthen the Swami within.

Recommendations: Pick a mentor or a peer that you respect and set aside 10 minutes daily to have a conversation, be it face-to-face, over phone call, message or email. Allow these conversations to be focused on Swami’s teachings, reflections from reading Sai literature, or discussing challenges faced in the spiritual practices. Start and end each conversation with a prayer to strengthen the bond between you and all humanity that you may find bliss through unity.

Tracking: Update the Sadhana tracker daily with a sharing of any inSAIghts from your daily Satsangh.

Inspirational videos to assist in strengthening your Sadhana resolve:

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