Stage 4: Finish the Game

“What is the game? It is the game of life. When does the game of life finish? It finishes with the attainment of moksha (liberation). So moksha is the final goal of the four objectives of life. Here you should remember one important point. Of the four purusarthas, dharma is ‘Follow the master’, artha is ‘Face the devil’, kama is ‘Fight to the end’ and moksha is ‘Finish the game’. The first one is dharma and the fourth is moksha, with the second artha and the third kama in between. It implies that artha should be earned with dharma, then kama should be used only to attain the fourth goal of life moksha. So, the four ‘F’s’ stand for these purusarthas of life. But now, I tell you there is another purusartha, the fifth one, which is the supreme goal of life. That is ‘Love’.”

Sadhana Options:

Reading Sai Literature

Objective: Lose yourself in the words of Swami and connect yourself ceaselessly to the Divine nectar of his sweet messages. By continuously reading Sai literature and reflecting on the message you will be able to experience the true bliss of Swami’s life: His Message.

Recommendations: Prema Vahini. It is significant that the very first series of articles that Swami wrote for the Sanathana Sarathi was Prema Vahini (Stream of Divine Love). These discourses are collected in this book as they were first presented, in English translation.

Tracking: Keep the Sadhana tracker updated on your progress in reading. Share your inSAIghts as you discover the hidden gems in the book.

Environment-friendly Sacrifice

Objective: One of the most selfless love has been shown to mankind by Mother Nature. As a Sai devotee, we can take this opportunity to add an environmentally friendly Sadhana to our Sadhana plan. The love reciprocated to Mother Nature will endear one to the Divine energy of Nature and at the same time contribute to the welfare of the planet.

Recommendations: Stop using straws. Bring your own water container. Avoid plastic bags, cups, bottles, and more. If you’re able to as a group, plan a tree planting activity, or a beach cleaning activity. Once again, the size or complexity does not matter more than the purity of your intention and the selfless action.

Tracking: Select 1 or 2 of the recommended environmentally friendly sadhana and track your progress. If you have newly decided to bring your own water bottle to work, thus avoiding buying a plastic water bottle everyday, you would have saved close to 80 plastic bottles in 4 months from being used!

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