Stage 3: Fight to the End

What is the enemy you should fight till the end? It is kama, desire. Until the last desire too vanishes, you should continue to fight.

Once Sage Dakshinamurthy happened to walk along the shore of a sea. He noticed the rising waves pushing a small blade of grass towards the shore. He felt bad. After all, it was a tiny grass blade and the mighty sea sent forth its mounting waves to push it away onto the shore. “How arrogant is the sea not to tolerate even a blade of grass!” thought the sage within himself. Then the Sea God, Samudra, appeared before the sage with folded hands and said very humbly, “Oh! Great sage! I am not at fault: Do not blame me and call me arrogant. I am not so. I cannot afford to have a single, simple blemish, not even a blade of grass in me. So my waves pushed it away to the shore and not out of any hatred or enmity”. This is what ‘fight to the end’ means.”

Sadhana Options:

Embark on a service activity

This does not have to be at a massive scale or a complex undertaking. Improving one person’s mood on a particularly stressful day is also service that Swami will lovingly accept.

Objective: Fighting the Devil is not a straightforward task. Like Lord Rama who intelligently killed Vali by shooting his arrow from behind the tree, so to must we annihilate the enemies within by means of substitution and tricking the monkey Mind. Service activities focusing on the happiness of others gives you a higher purpose in life, thus naturally dropping off the meagre pulls of simplistic desires for pleasure.

Recommendations: Take up simple service that you can start on your own. Feed that stray dog every day on your way to college. Make a plan to spend time with a friend whom you know is suffering from loss or despair. Swami showed the greatest example when he appeared as a long lost friend at the doorstep of a devotee who was in depression and planning to take his life.

Another option is to reflect on any broken relationship that you have had. Practice overcoming strong dictates of the ego by working on healing the strains of that particular person or relationship. Pray intensely for forgiveness, and consciously affirm your forgiveness of someone that may have hurt you in the past. Muster the courage and love to reach out and apologise. This too is a service, as it will heal you of the chords that bind you, and it will set their unhappiness or sadness free and give them peace of mind and heart.

Tracking: Keep a note of the number of people you are reaching out to. Consciously reflect on your conversations and note down inSAIghts that you obtain from the exercise. Allow Swami to take the wheel and guide you. Keep your intentions pure and fight the hurdles of ego and lethargy.

Daily exercise of at least 30 minutes a day

Objective: Another way to overcome the pulls of desire is to keep the body healthy which in turn will sharpen the mind. Daily exercise also helps to keep your life filled with beneficial activities, and at the same time release endorphins which augments the positive feeling in your body.

Recommendations: Pick an exercise according to your current health and fitness condition. If you do not exercise at all, start by doing walking, brisk walking, jogging or cycling. If you are already someone who takes part in sports, regulate yourself and introduce variations and discipline to your regime. You can always improve on your current state; make that your Sadhana Plan.

Tracking: Define this Sadhana plan on your tracker and keep updating with your progress, in terms or number of steps, distance covered, or calories burnt.

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