Stage 2: Face the Devil

“What is the devil here? While dharma is the master, artha, wealth or money, is the devil. Most people struggle a lot for money. They resort to all sorts of tactics, do unrighteous and unjustified deeds only for money. Many think that the world goes by money, dhanamulamidam jagat. No, the world relies on dharma, dharmamulamidam jagat. One should earn money righteously.”

“What do they do in a club for peace and relaxation? They indulge in drinking and playing cards. When they lose their senses by consuming intoxicating drinks, they are deluded to think that they have attained peace and relaxation. Is this a noble or ignoble path? Is it a path fit for educated persons? Those who follow it show, in fact, total lack of education. This habit of drinking is not only harmful to the individual who indulges in it, but it ruins his family and is dangerous to society at large. Instead of falling prey to such evil practices, one should utilise one’s education for the benefit of family and society.”

Sadhana Options:

Build Self Confidence to refrain from any form of addiction or time waste activities that may be plaguing your life.

Objective: To face the illusory temptations of life head on, and muster the Self-confidence to say No to these worldly enticements.


Pick an addiction or habit that you are struggling with. We may not do drugs or smoke cigarettes, but many of us (if not all) do struggle on a daily basis to make the best use of our time. We sometimes are mindlessly hooked on social media pages, deriving a deluded sense of enjoyment from external sources. Lack of control and proper management time, can become the doorway for all the negative influences to penetrate. We must all first manage our time, as Swami has said “Time waste is life waste.”

Pick one such blocker to your lifestyle and refrain from indulging in it for the duration of your Sadhana. Look at the end of the day, and evaluate how much worth have you put into each day. How are you going to fulfill your dreams and be the best version of yourself?

Tracking: Update your daily time utilisation with a simple tracker divided by hours. Notice as you go, that there are many unnecessary work that clog up your daily routine. Try to prioritise the Important work and see that with better management of time, Urgent work decreases gradually and you are cruising through life peacefully.

Write a daily journal/diary or letter to Swami

Objective: When facing the Devil, know that Swami is right by your side. He is not above you, behind you, in front of you, but he is beside you ready to face any hardship together. He will never let you go. He will never forsake your faith in Him.

Know this, through pure reflection and writing to Swami. He hears your every word and is ever ready to rescue his Baktha who puts their faith on Him. Write to Swami about your day, explain your challenges, seek for comfort in his Words and receive the divine blessings.

Recommendations: At the end of every day, before your day ends, sit quietly in reflection and write a letter to Swami. This is personal and you do not have to share this with anyone. As you progress, marvel at the transformation that takes place in you.

Tracking: This is a very personal Sadhana, and while you may use the tracker to maintain discipline in updating your journal or letters, you are not required to share the contents of your writing to anyone.

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