Sadhana Plan

Follow the Master.

Face the Devil.

Fight to the End.

Finish the Game !


Your Duty Is to Follow the Four Fs – Then You Will Win My Love in Full Measure
Your Conscience Is Your Master – Follow Your Conscience
There Can Be Nothing More Sacred Than Following the Four Injunctions
The Four Fs Are Essential to Achieving the Goals of Human Life
Following the Four Fs Allows You to Boldly Face the Difficulties in Life


Sadhana Guidelines & Tips

  1. Sadhana is spiritual practice in its purest form. Aligning body, mind and soul to the Sadhana allows one to attain transformative experience in the spiritual journey.
  2. Practice each Sadhana chosen for two weeks before looking at the next Stage. If you have registered after 14 March, please divide time for each Sadhana equally leading up to the Retreat.
  3.  When you arrive at the next stage, add on the Sadhana, and not substitute it. For example, if you had selected Daily Meditation as your first Stage Sadhana, add on the second stage (Daily Letter to Swami for example) to your daily meditation. By the end of the 2 month Sadhana Plan, you should be concurrently doing 4 Sadhanas.
  4. For tracking, we recommend you create a self-audit diary or tracker that is easy to update and reflect upon. Allow space for you to jot down reflections or inSAIghts that you can infer from the Sadhana experience.